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The unspoken I

About unconscious discrimination

Dance/photo/film,textile and sculpture 2015

What happens in that moment in a tenth of a second when you meet what is foreign and different. How do someone express the unconscious that doesn’t allow youth touch it but leaves big consequences within the different = the one that doesn’t look like me.

In the creation “Det Outtalade”(“ The unspo- ken”) I have worked with questions about adap- ted patterns in relation to skin color and fear
the unknown. I took part of research made by Psychologist Andreas Olsson at Emotional lab at Karolinska institute.
Together with my experience of living in Swedenwith a different skin color and results of survey questions based on the most common prejudiceabout black people in Sweden.

Video: In collaboration with dancer Vivian Koohnavard – Gothenburg

Music: Thomas Hagby – Gothenburg