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Saba Bereket Persson is a designer and artist active in Gothenburg Sweden. 

She came to Sweden from Ethiopia aged 12 years old in the 70´s. Her early experiences in Scandinavia have had a profound impact on her artistic practice, which engages memory, gender identity, estrangement, and home as key themes in textile-based conceptual works. Saba uses fashion experimentally as a mode of protest against socio-cultural norms, and she combines fashion design with other media (such as sculpture, film, and performance) as a way to investigate the hidden structures influencing society. Recent include:  “Den Inre Människan / The Inner Human (2010)based on her experiences as a nurse; “Klimakteriet/Menopause” (2017) on womanhood and change; and “Det Outtalade / The unspoken” (2015-2019) about silent and unconscious discrimination. Since the early 1990s, Saba has also run her own textile company and exhibited nationally and internationally.


”Menopause” together with “Äggen är slut” 

Kulturhuset Fyren – Kungsbacka 2018

Kulturhuset Fregatten – Stenungsund 2018

Naturhistoriska Museet – Göteborg  2018

Vara konsthall – Vara 2019

Tidaholms konsthall – Tidaholm 2019

Skara museet – Skara 2019

”The Unspoken” – Performance and workshops about discrimination 

8 shows – Frölunda Kulturhus Göteborg 2016
Fringe Festival – Göteborg 2018 

Världskulturmuseet 1 week – Göteborg 2018

Gallery Koltuor, KF Huset Klöse – Nordmaling 2018

”Lika & Olika” – Youth recreation center Göteborg  2018

Stora teatern ” Urban nights” – Göteborg 2019

ADAM in ”Hjässan är kal” 2019

Kulturhuset i Skövde

Vara konsthall

Lidköpings bibliotek

Tidaholms konsthall

Västergötlands museum

Kungsbacka kulturhus

IM (Individual Human Help) Refugee Support – Göteborg 2016

Gallery aux quatre vents – Frankrike 2014

St:Jörgen park resort – Göteborg 2010

clubs and jazzclubs – Göteborg1992-1999

Gallery Shirvan/Sintra/Krasnapolsky

Clique model search/ Various underground 1992-1999


Sculpture – Domen School of Art 2017

Individual Project 3 – Academy Valand 2016

The language’s linguisticity –  HDK 2016

FIUDP – HDK 2014 

Pattern making – Tillskärarakademin 1999

Designschool – Medborgarskolan 1992

Fashion drawing – Medborgarskolan 1991

Courses in design – Medborgarskolan 1990

Various courses in healthcare  1985-1990

Licensed nurse – 1984


”The” performance – P4 Göteborg 2016

Menopause – SVT ”Kobra” 2017

Menopause ”It will happen to you too” –  P4 Göteborg 2018

Menopause ”It will happen to you too” – SVT 2018

”Menopause & Äggen är slut” – GöteborgsPosten 2018

”The Unspoken” – Paletten Tidskrift för konst 2018